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Got a website?

Secured with HTTPS and an SSL certificate?

You'd know if someone tried to register their own certificate for your domain and masquerade as you, right?

If you answered Yes, Yes and No, and you're using Cloudflare, you can fix that at the flick of a switch (well, click of a button!).

Read on to find out how...

What you will need

  • A cloudflare free account
  • A domain associated with the account and website (in my case a Grav blog hosted in Azure).

In my last post, Grav in Azure part 4 - Adding DNS and Cloudflare to an App Service Web App, I demonstrated how to configure your Azure web app and its...

What you will need

  • An Azure account
  • An Azure web app
  • A domain name to associate with the web app
  • A cloudflare free account (or you can create during the tutorial
  • I'm using a Windows 10 laptop - so to follow along exactly, you'll need the same - though I'm sure most steps will work just a...


My first project on Azure was a blog site, and in choosing the solution best for my needs, I had the following requirements:

  • Use an Azure based solution at least for the backend, but don’t be afraid to use other services that complement Azure.
  • Don’t use WordPress or anything w...