| Aug 19, 2023


I fight with myself in the dark
Throwing punches at the shadows in my heart
I try to silence the voices in my head
That tell me I’m worthless, better off dead

But I’m not alone in this battle
There’s another voice that cuts through the shrapnel
It tells me I’m strong, that I’m worthy of love
It reminds me of the light that shines from above

Some days I don’t know which voice to trust
They both sound so real, unwavering, robust
But I know that one is lying, one is true
One is hurting, one is healing, one is me, one is you

You are the voice of reason, of hope, of grace
The one who will help me face
The demons that haunt me, the fears that bind me
The doubts that cloud me, the pain that blinds me

You are the voice that guides me, that lifts me, that saves me
You are the one who loves me, who holds me, who frees me
From the shadowboxing that I do every day
You are the one who shows me the way

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