After All You’ve Done

| Jan 1, 2023

Cover Photo by Zac Durant on Unsplash

After All You’ve Done

People talk about parents
And it feels alien to me
To have lived in a world
Where everyone can see

A completely different person
Than they’ve ever been with me
To hold up on a pedestal
Someone who made me feel so small

The twisted look in their eyes
Before they start a fight, surprise
They push your buttons so well
That you really you can’t tell

They create all the drama
They wanted to make you mad
To make you feel shit because
It’s all they ever had

When you store up all the anger
And swallow all the hate
Then they push all of your buttons
To make sure you retaliate

And if you dare to challenge them
Or take some time for you
They’re very quick to say
“After all I’ve done for you”

Giving me life doesn’t mean
That you now can own me
Or can abuse me with impunity
After all you’ve done to me

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