Introducing: The Audrey Project

| Jan 6, 2023


In my post on Keeping up-to-date with Tech, Cloud and Security, I talked about using RSS feeds to curate your own news feed.

It occurred to me after writing that post that I would end up coming back to update that feed export periodically, so why not put it in a repository and allow others to add to it and consume it more essily

And thus The Audrey Project was born!

What is this all about?

This project is intended as an open source, crowdsourced list of information sources for technology news, cloud news, security news and also social media accounts that are noteworthy in this area.

What format will this be in?

At least initially, this project will use an OPML file which can be easily imported into RSS feed readers such as Feedly and as such, they must be RSS feeds.

The main file is here

There is scope to also document in Markdown in addition to in the OPML file, or where a source doesnt support RSS, instead of the OPML file.

Finally, depending upon the success of the project, it may be required to split into multiple files by topic for easier consumption.

Why Audrey?

If you haven’t already guessed, this is a reference to the movie The Little Shop of Horrors and specifically the song Feed Me Seymour (Git It) where a Piranha plant called Audrey II is asking for Seymour to feed it.

As ever, thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments down below!

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