Hugo Costs - An Update

| Dec 15, 2019

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In my last post - I discussed my pending move of one of my websites from Grav on Azure WebApps to Hugo in Azure Storage Static Websites to optimise my costs.

I’ve yet to update my blog itself - or blog about the process of doing so.

But, a quick update on costs.

Early days as I moved my community website over to the new solution on 11th December, a mere 4 days ago.

However - let’s compare costs for the old solution during that time with costs in the new solution.

Costs - Before

So, October 11th-14th, I used £0.95+VAT of App Service resource (and that’s all, no storage account, and the non-prod web-app is a Free F1 shared instance). That’s around £0.24/day or around £7.20/month (30 day month).

So what about a 4-day period on the new solution?

Costs - After

So, December 11th-14th for a storage account and a function proxy (app service) - less than £0.02+VAT or less than £0.005/day. That’s around £0.15/month a reduction of nearly 98%!

At present my 2x websites (this blog, and the aforementioned community website) account for the majority of my Azure costs - so converting both sites should reduce my monthly significantly.

I really do recommended considering if you really need a dynamic website or if your needs would be better served with a Static Website!

As ever, thanks for reading and feel free to leave comments below.

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